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Talent Management Alliance members have been supporting HR for decades. Our members are working with private and public, UK and international, organisations in selling, managing, and delivering:

Recruitment and Assessments:

IBM Kenexa assessments give you a better understanding of the personality, traits, skills and culture fit of your workforce, managers, and leaders, both pre- and post-hire. With the insights delivered by IBM Kenexa science you will be able to measure the capacity, capability, and culture-fit of everyone. Combine them with your Applicant Tracking System to gain an advantage in the battle for quality talent. Use them to spot the truly committed and the achievers

Managing Skills and Competencies:

Leverage more than 20 years of real-world competency experience and make your competency project successful. Have common job descriptions business-wide, with employee self-evaluation countersigned by a manger. We have helped organisations worldwide and across industry sectors to implement successfully cross-enterprise competencies using Talent Frameworks, easy to use on-line administration and employee access software, and our consulting services. Essential for growing businesses.

Learning and Development (with Content Management):

Test employees on their current knowledge and identify gaps. Deliver the right training material to the right person at the right time at the right place by the right access device. Keep your training material up to date via a central database, with automatic distribution of changes to point of use. As used by our long-standing Military and High-Tech clients, and an increasing number of Commercial clients.

Employee Engagement:

Listen to your workforce through employee surveys. By listening to their employees on a regular basis, our clients can gain insights, alleviate risks, address hot spots, pin-point areas of opportunity and contribute to the overall success of the business. By using integrated analytics to drill down into survey results, your business will build and execute action plans that will enable you to move forward. Maximise the benefit using our extensive knowledge and experience.

Change Management:

Change Management provides a robust framework that enables, empowers, and engages employees with the evolving priorities of your organisation. As Change Management practitioners, we build tailored solutions that support you through your whole change process. Using tried and tested methodologies, processes and tools, we tackle change from three perspectives: top-down, bottom-up, and across functions. Make your plans come to fruition, and not fade away.

Social Business and Enterprise Collaboration:

We bring together business insight, extensive experience, and technology to provide a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Through our integrated approach to problem solving, solution design, and execution we help turn our customers strategies into action. With over 25 years’ experience, our mission is to help our customers to anticipate change and profit from new opportunities, and keep all employees, including on-borders, up to date with the information and connections that they need to perform well and succeed.

Data Analytics:

IBM Watson Business can be deployed on most databases or data exported from process-based business systems such as HR, Payroll, Sales etc., whether SaaS or on-premise systems. Its combination of cognitive computing, statistics, natural English language interface, ‘learning’, and extremely fast parallel processing means data can be searched, correlated, and displayed in the blink of an eye. A choice of easy-to-use dashboard representations with drill-down capability makes it unbeatable. An HR Version, Talent Insights, with preformed pre-learned common HR phrasing, means that those Board Level, previously unanswerable, questions can now be answered easily. We can help you maximise your return on the data that you already have.