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IBM Talent Frameworks contain over 3,000 unique jobs and over 2,000 competencies specific to functions in your organisation.

Define Skills:

Host skill or competency frameworks and use our tools to extend and customise a framework across a vast range of skill categories.

Define Profiles:

Profiles can be created and mapped to skills taken from our frameworks, helping you define the required skills and level of proficiency needed in a job.

Model your Organisation:

Model the organisational structure and enable managers to validate the skill assessments of each employee.

Assess and manage Skills:

Give employees and managers a view of the skills related to their profile and work with them to assess and develop their skill proficiency.

Learning & Development:

Set out the required skill levels for job profiles and identify skills gaps - the difference between a person’s current level and that required by the job.

Find out how Talent Frameworks can help you manage workforce planning your organisation.... from IT to Customer Services

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