Selecting the right person for the right job is crucial to the success of your organisation. We bring you a vast portfolio of IBM off-the shelf and tailor-made Skills, Reasoning and Behavioural assessments that will enable you to identify the best people.

IBM Kenexa assessments give you a better understanding of the personality, traits, skills and culture fit for your workforce and your managers and leaders, both pre- and post-hire. With the insights delivered by IBM Kenexa science you will be able to measure the capacity, capability and culture fit of each individual.

The benefits, pre-hire:

  • Reduce recruiting time and costs

  • Concentrate interviewing time and effort on high-potential candidates

  • Increase organisational performance by increasing the quality of hires (predicting engagements)

The benefits, post-hire:

  • Identify the key personnel needed to increase business performance

  • Optimise individual and team performance for current and future needs

  • Identify and develop potential leaders

  • Improve employee satisfaction / improve staff morale

  • Retain top talent to drive business performance

IBM Kenexa assessments combines workforce science, research analytics and technology with IBM's content library to help companies hire and develop the right talent. By combining scientific understanding of employee behavior with employee data, we create a formula for developing meaningful careers that keep your employees fully engaged for the entire employee lifecycle-and we know engaged, motivated employees can be your greatest asset.

At the NHS Leadership Academy, Rob Farace, National Resourcing Manager, says: “By using Kenexa’s assessments, we have adopted an approach that judges people’s skills instead of their background. Because of this, the quality of candidate coming through is excellent”

Quickly make informed hiring decisions based on candidate skill levels.Case Studies

IBM Skills Assessment Demos

Jaguar Land Rover: Laura Wigley, the HR Head of Talent at Jaguar Land Rover, talk about how her team used IBM Kenexa Leadership Assessments to align job qualifications and drive an innovate program called Advance to identify and develop future leaders and predict the qualities of high potentials in a brand new way.