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We now offer Qualtrics' best-in-class employee feedback technology which, using the combination of IBM’s world-beating Skills, Reasoning and Behavioural Assessments and Watson, gives employers unrivalled access to the best in technology and research-backed expertise available.

We help our clients connect to their workforce: by listening to their employees on a regular basis, they are able to gain insights, alleviate risks, address hot spots, pin-point areas of opportunity and manage better the overall success of the organisation.

By using integrated analytics to drill down into survey results, action plans can be built and executed, enabling their organisations to move forward.

 Build stronger teams, drive higher productivity and lower unwanted employee attrition.

Eliminate organisational blindspots

See your organisation’s entire employee experience like you’ve never seen it before. With a holistic view of every lifecycle touchpoint, Qualtrics makes it easy to seamlessly measure and connect insights across the entire lifecycle—from recruitment to exit. View comprehensive workforce health and engagement data in real-time and automatically populate key employee data from your HRIS or ATS into a single dashboard view.


AFM Solutions and the employee journey

There are four key stages of Employee Contribution: learner, expert, coach and strategist

How AFM solutions helps deal with VUCA - at the individual and the organisational level 

Ensure that the hiring, onboarding and support processes are there to maintain employee engagement 

Invest in everybody throughout the organisation and focus on transformational change

AFM Solutions has a long and deep history in HR Talent Management