Colin Ingleton has a lifetime's experience in predicting "performance in post" of job applicants at all levels, from operatives to managing directors and across a wide variety of organisations.

He was, amongst other things, personally trained by Raymond Cattell, the renowned psychologist, in the use of the 16PF Questionnaire, a well-established multivariate factor test built on psychological traits and their predictive affect on employee behaviour.

In his early career as lecturer at Bradford University Management School, Colin advised Royal Dutch Shell on recruitment interviewing and testing and was External Examiner on the Psychology degrees at Glasgow and Luton Universities.

Later, at Edinburgh University, Colin held a number of lecturing posts in his 18-year tenure and taught HR Management in Indonesia and Managerial Psychology at the New York Wall Street Pace University Business School and at Hughes Hall College, Cambridge University. During this time, Colin was advisor to the Scottish Office of HMG, and was nominated for a Sony Award for his series on selection interviews transmitted by the BBC in Scotland.

In 1990, Colin moved to Manchester Business School ('MBS') where he devised and taught Programmes on Managerial PsychologyBusiness Communication, and Entrepreneurial Behaviour. He was advisor on Career Management and Development Programmes for senior members of the Navy and Air Force and delivered training programmes for AstraZeneca, the Polish Government Psychology Service, and members of the European Commission in Brussels, taking part in the personnel assessment procedures upon the planned merger of HM Revenue & Customs.

Colin's entrance test for MBA students at MBS was used for predicting student course and exam success. At MBS, Colin developed and introduced a model and methodology, including reduced sets of questions in psychometric tests to help small and medium sized companies attract, screen, and select high quality, reliable, productive staff for operative roles in their businesses.