IBM Watson Talent

HR is now positioned to truly benefit from the strategic advantage of AI.

To seize this moment of opportunity for HR, you need trusted talent management solutions with leading AI-powered capabilities for talent acquisition and development.

Talent acquisition that starts with better insights

To get the results you want, you need the science and power of IBM Watson to improve the candidate experience, quality of hire, and recruiter support.

Make your recruiting team the new driver of success.

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  • IBM Watson™ Candidate Assistant: IBM Watson Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that helps job seekers explore your organisation to find and apply for the job that best fits their skills and experiences.  

  • IBM® Watson™ Recruitment is an AI-powered talent management solution that works seamlessly with your ATS to increase efficiency in the recruitment process and improve and accelerate HR’s impact on the business. It surfaces the most qualified candidates for the job — without human bias — and identifies adverse impact.

  • IBM Watson™ Career Coach is a unique talent management solution that harnesses cognitive computing to provide personal career guidance. It delivers contextualized communications and personalised career content tailored for the individual.