Helping candidates find their fit

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that helps job seekers explore your organisation to find and apply for the job that best fits their skills and experiences.  

By building trust and confidence in their first interaction with you and recommending roles for job seekers that will fit their skills and experiences, costly hiring mistakes are avoided and new hires turn into valued employees who will contribute to the success of your organisation.

Job search transformed with Watson

Watson Candidate Assistant uses Watson application programming interfaces (APIs) to improve a candidate’s job search experience. The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) API gathers concepts, skills, and keywords from both CV’s and job descriptions to provide the best job matches for a candidate.

The Conversation API enables candidates to have a conversation with Watson as if they were talking to a recruiter.

Watson asks questions about the candidate’s interests, skills, and experience just like a recruiter would. In turn, the candidate can ask about company culture or specific roles, helping them to find jobs they are best suited for.

How is AI powering Watson Candidate Assistant?

  • Understands: The chat interface allows candidates to ask questions in natural language and delivers responses in the same manner.

  • Reasons: It provides best-fit jobs based on information shared by the candidate.

  • Learns: It continues to improve the chat experience and refine job search results based on feedback from the candidate.

    Watson Candidate Assistant is trained on over 65 HR-related topics to answer frequently asked questions via a natural language query. It  understands the job seeker’s intent and provides the right answers in the context of the job search.

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