Career management transformed by Watson

IBM Watson Career Coach is a unique talent management solution that harnesses cognitive computing to provide personal career guidance. It delivers contextualized communications and personalised career content tailored for the individual.

Through interactions and updates, Watson Career Coach learns about an employee’s preferences and interests, makes recommendations for existing job opportunities and helps navigate future career moves.

Trained by Industry and Organizational (I/O) psychologists and HR experts, Watson understands HR data and its appropriate usage in a best practice way, drawing on ethical principles as well as deep understanding of human behaviour in the workplace.

IBM’s vast library of human behavioural data and consulting expertise trains the ‘cognitive coach’ and combines it with the information an employee brings to the job. This continuous learning enables Watson Career Coach to optimally gauge user needs and objectives, ensuring quality of recommendations in terms of accuracy and meaningfulness.

Three main HR data sets are used to train Career Coach:

  • IBM data: uses comprehensive skills registry from IBNM Talent Frameworks and leverages IBM’s domain expertise and deep research into behavioural sciences.

  • Client data: historical transactions, job role attributes, employee information etc. curated from existing HRIS and ATS.

  • Employee data: goals, preferences and information gleaned through ongoing interactions with individual employees.

Job Opportunity Match

Employees can surface open job positions deemed a good fit for them, by answering a set of skills-based questions or uploading their resume. Using IBM Watson APIs, Career Coach matches users to internal job opportunities that are relevant to their current career experiences.

Users can refine their search using location filter and apply directly from Watson Career Coach to initiate their next professional move.

Career Navigator

Employees can define a personalized career progression and receive guidance based on job transitions of others in similar positions and roles. Career Coach makes recommendations for each next step with multiple job-role choices, with ratings for each based on organizational demand and skill-fit.

It prepares employees for selected career growth, with relevant upskilling suggestions. Users can modify, at their own pace, their selected career plans, as needs or desires change.

Personal Career Advisor

Myca (My Career Advisor) is the mobile chat-bot that employees can engage with anywhere, anytime. It interviews users, understands their needs, and provides instant, personalized career advice to most commonly asked career-related questions.

Powered by IBM Watson, Myca supports 40+ career-specific questions as well as general out-of-the-box ‘chit-chat’ queries. This cognitive-bot learns from user feedback on its answers and additional comments, to personalize and refine its future responses.

Find out more about Watson career Coach

A personalized advisor - Get answers to commonly asked career questions and combine personal focus with historical data about others with similar backgrounds. IBM® Watson® Career Coach uses a library of human behavioural data and consulting expertise to augment what is provided by the employee.

A personalized career path navigator - Help employees map their career path by showing them what employees in a given role have gone on to do next. IBM Watson Career Coach helps visualize career navigation, shows current demand for related roles and helps employees understand how well they match the requirements of those roles. It helps employees proactively develop their career path to fit their expertise and interests, as well as company demand for skills and roles.

An educational advisor - Prepare employees for growth by suggesting learning opportunities that align to their desired career paths.