IBM has been using assessments in its own IT recruitment selection procedures for at least 50 years, particularly in its graduate ‘milk round’ recruitment. Kenexa has been using assessments in different forms as a consultant to businesses and governments worldwide for at least 30 years.

They came together in 2012 when IBM bought the total business of Kenexa, repackaging it as as part of the IBM Smarter Workforce offering, a service for HR Management under the name of Talent Management.

In 2015, IBM Kenexa processed on its own servers over 40 million on-line SaaS assessments worldwide for many thousands of satisfied customers.

IBM Kenexa have on-line SaaS assessment questionnaires in all four ‘C’ areas above, and they have been normed across many thousands of candidates worldwide who have been interviewed by chartered psychologists to confirm the strong correlation between the questions asked and the skills and behaviour of candidates. This has been validated by the Kenexa High Performance Institute.

The questionnaires are normalised and are neutral to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, and where applicable, to language.

The IBM Kenexa questionnaire product range has been developed to be of maximum use in the current commercial and governmental selection market places. It is structured into five main areas of demand and supply: -

  1. Office worker skills including those of health workers (Capability)

  2. Cognitive assessments of Verbal, Numerical, and Logical, Reasoning (Capacity)

  3. Realistic Situational Judgement (Capability)

  4. Personality Profiling (Commitment & Culture)

  5. Leadership and Development (Capacity, Capability, Commitment, & Culture).

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