IBM Kenexa uniquely have Computer Adaptive Technology (“CAT”) testing for cognitive ability in a) Numerical Reasoning, b) Verbal Reasoning, and c) Logical Reasoning.  

In the 1980’s, metadata analysis by Hunter and others found that, for entry-level jobs there was no predictor with validity equal to that of ability. IBM Kenexa offers on-line tests that adapt to the candidate’s ability level and are designed to assess an individual’s aptitude in understanding (and using) complex verbal and numeric data and information in the workplace.  From the candidate's perspective, the questions seem to tailor themselves to his or her level of ability, continually challenging them.

CAT tests are ideal for:    

  • Senior management and directors

  • Middle management

  • Graduates

There are 3 types of test and combined NRT/VRT/Logical Reasoning test is also available for quick assessments. 

Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT):

  • Measures ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions from data

  • Information is presented in a variety of statistical charts and tables

  • Content is representative of the information likely to be encountered in a business context. Such as using numerical data to make reasoned judgements

Verbal Reasoning Test (VRT):

  • Measures ability to understand, think logically and accurately draw logical conclusions from written information

  • Presented in the form of comprehensive paragraphs

  • Content is representative of the information likely to be encountered in a business context such as interpreting and writing company reports

Logical Reasoning Test (LRT):

  • Measure the ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data

  • Applying this skill to solve business related problems such as evaluating patterns and trends in information.

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