IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments are the most effective method for sifting through large talent pools to determine if the skills for a specific job role are met by applicants.

Skills assessments are basic on-line hiring tools that are easy to administer, cost-effective and a reliable way to determine whether or not a candidate truly possesses the skills represented on their CV. They are generally easy to implement and standardise throughout an organisation and they can quickly become a key component in a world-class hiring system.

So, with these and other great hiring tools available today…why leave things to chance?

IBM has over 1,500 skills test titles ranging from clerical, software, call center, financial, health care, industrial and technical job classifications. By utilising these assessments your organisation will benefit from:

  • An exclusive way to measure the distinct skill sets that an individual possesses, such as typing speed and accuracy or accounting knowledge.

  • Validated skills assessments that include basic, intermediate and advanced-level items, which reveal the level of knowledge in a particular area.

  • A multiple-choice format plus Microsoft interactive tests that can test individual knowledge of software products, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.

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