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Assess for talent in the high demand field of cybersecurity

By 2020 there will be approximately 1.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs.[1] Cybersecurity Aptitude Tests identify talent with the ability to support efforts to counter cyber threats. By assessing the behavioral attributes and cognitive aptitude required for success in cyber roles, the tests focus on identifying latent ability – traits that are hidden and not yet developed – in cyber roles rather than existing skill.

[1] The Wall Street Journal, September 27, 2017

Commercial Cyber Aptitude Tests:

CCATs can help you assess employees’ and candidates’ behavioural attributes and cognitive aptitude and their suitability for training in a cyber role.

This test is focused on the aptitude necessary for success in an entry level security operations center (SOC) analyst role. Through research with their clients, IBM have determined that this is the fundamental building block role that supports competency development for all other cyber roles. Traits measured by CCAT include work styles and personality characteristics; logical reasoning via pseudo-coding logic exercises; and pattern matching


  • Improve the quality of hire in cybersecurity roles - Assess a broad pool of applicants to surface those with the highest potential to succeed in cybersecurity roles

  • Reduce the cost of hiring and time to productivity - Enhance the success rate of individuals selected for roles in cybersecurity

  • Increase retention in cybersecurity - Identify candidates with the greatest potential to succeed and thrive in cybersecurity jobs


  • Assess - Cognitive and behavioral attributes that predict success in cyber roles

  • Enable - Rapid workforce scale with increased quality of hire in cybersecurity roles

  • Understand - Receive comprehensive candidate scoring results